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TWIN PEAKS - Sweet '17 Singles (Black Vinyl Edition) LP
TWIN PEAKS - Sweet '17 Singles (Black Vinyl Edition) LP

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Throughout the second half of 2017, Chicago’s Twin Peaks released a run of a half dozen limited-edition 7″ singles the band affectionately dubbed Sweet ’17 . Only 300 copies of each 7″ were made, and subscriptions sold out almost immediately. But due to popular demand, Twin Peaks have compiled all of the songs from the series onto a 12″ release!.

Sweet ’17 Singles follows in the footsteps of Down In Heaven, the band’s 2016 full-length release, which expanded on the garage-inspired sounds of 2014’s Wild Onion.


01 Tossing Tears
02 Under The Pines
03 Shake Your Lonely
04 Sun And The Trees
05 Come For Me
06 Fat Chance
07 Blue Coupe
08 On The Line
09 With You
10 Just Because
11 In The Meadow
12 We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)

out 9 FEB 2018...