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J MASCIS - Elastic Days (Clear With Purple Swirl "Loser" Edition Vinyl) LP
J MASCIS-Elastic Days (Clear With Purple Swirl "Loser" Edition Vinyl) LP

LUNA price: $17.99

Product Code: JMASCIS


Elastic Days brims with great moments. Epic hooks that snare you in surprisingly subtle ways, guitar textures that slide against each other like old lovers, and structures that range from a neo-power-ballad (“Web So Dense”) to jazzily-canted West Coasty post-psych (“Give It Off”) to a track that subliminally recalls the keyboard approach of Scott Thurston-era Stooges (“Drop Me”). The album plays out with a combination of holism and variety that is certain to set many brains ablaze.

pressed on limited clear with purple swirl "loser" edition vinyl!

out 09 NOV 2018...