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$Uicideboy$ - I Want To Die In New Orleans - VINYL LP
$Uicideboy$ - I Want To Die In New Orleans - VINYL LP

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Product Code: 842812109126

Vinyl LP pressing. From New Orleans' crime-ridden, neglected, violent 7th Ward section rap duo and cousins $uicideboy$ ($lick + Ruby Da Cherry) started out in 2014, their name referencing a mutual pact: if they didn't make it to 30 they'd end their lives. I Want To Die in New Orleans is inspired by touring experiences and the extravagance that comes with fame. The duo strives to create clever, thought-provoking music that pushes boundaries while remaining true to their mission. Via music sharing platform SoundCloud, the duo rose to popularity for their abrasive, self-produced beats, as well as their harsh lyrical content and themes featuring addiction and suicidal ideation. The duo are considered one of the most popular acts in the underground rap scene, and are also considered to have a cult following.