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4th Movement - 4th Movement - VINYL LP
4th Movement - 4th Movement - VINYL LP

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Vinyl LP pressing. 1980: it was the dawn of a new age. Built on the broken backs and bodies of those who had hoped and dreamed for a better world, the '80s made it clear: that world wasn't coming. A generation and more plunged into the abyss. But what of Death? The Hackney brothers were no different from anybody else - in the heat and tumult of the 1970s, they'd seen that new world coming. They'd raised their voices righteously, transforming with outrage and hunger their all-in-the-family power-trio Rock Funk Fire Express into the legends called Death. The combination of Bobby and Dennis' pile-driving rhythm, older brother David's hard-rock guitar leads and an effervescent combination of lyrical angst, missionary zeal and vision-spirit were an unknown hybrid on the African-American side of Detroit in the mid-'70s. These were the sounds the world knows today as For the Whole World to See - but at the time, the brothers managed only to self-release two songs on a basically undistributed 7? record, which caused no label anywhere to express any interest in a record deal for the band called Death. It was time for The 4th Movement.