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ANDERSON .PAAK - Oxnard (BLACK vinyl edition) 2-LP set BOB MOULD-Sunshine Rock (Opaque Yellow and Red Swirl Edition Vinyl) LP COLD WAR KIDS-This Will All Blow Over In Time (Black Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set


out 21 DECEMBER 2018...

Maybe his catchiest record since Sugar's Copper Blue, Mould's newest album reflects on living overseas (Berlin), far away while his home finds itself in political unrest. He expands his pop pallet here with strings & 60s pop influence on top of his always-searing guitar hooks (including a ripping Shocking Blue cover that recalls Husker Du's famous "Eight Miles High" rework)

out 08 FEB 2019...

Singles, rarities, and unreleased tracks from 2005-2015!

out 1 FEB 2019...

EARL SWEATSHIRT-Some Rap Songs (Black Edition Vinyl) LP GREEN RIVER-Dry As A Bone (Green "Loser" Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set GREEN RIVER-Rehab Doll (Lime "Loser" Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set

Some Rap Songs is Earl Sweatshirt's newest release in three years.

out 25 JAN 2019...

Dry As A Bone was recorded at Jack Endino's Reciprocal Recording in 1986, and it shows the band in furious form, with Arm's yowl battling Fairweather and Gossard's ferocious guitar playing on "This Town" and "Unwind" opening as a slow bluesy grind then jump-starting itself into a hyperactive chase. The deluxe edition includes Green River's cuts from the crucial Seattle-scene compilation Deep Six, as well as long-lost songs that were recorded to the now-archaic format Betamax.

pressed on limited green "loser" edition vinyl!

out 25 JAN 2019...

Rehab Doll, recorded largely at Seattle's Steve Lawson Studios., bridges the gap between the taut, punky energy of Dry As a Bone and the bigger drums and thicker riffs that were coming to dominate rock in the late '80s. This new edition of Rehab Doll includes a version of “Swallow My Pride” recorded to 8-track at Endino's Reciprocal Recording, which features a more accurate depiction of how the band sounded when they played live. "When I listen to these mixes, I think, 'This is how we actually sounded—this is the kind of energy we had,'" says Shumway..

pressed on limited lime "loser" edition vinyl!

out 25 JAN 2019...

KID KOALA-Music To Draw To: Io (Black Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set METALLICA-Helping Hands Live & Acoustic at The Masonic (Color Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set SNOW PATROL-A Hundred Million Suns (Black Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set

The second volume in the legendary scratch DJ’s transportive ambient-vocal collaboration series. Inspired by music that allows space for the listener’s own ideas, the Music To Draw To series is an unfolding universe of wintry soundscapes and enchanting vocal journeys. Io is a constellation of electronic meditations that glint with the otherworldly blues of singer Trixie Whitley on six of its eighteen songs. Heartrending poetry once again written by Kid Koala channel the turbulence of the modern global psyche using the Greek mythology of Io, an unwilling mortal lover of the god Zeus, as its compass. Transcendently personified by the force of nature that is Trixie Whitley, Io is a vivid universe of brilliant characters and emotional voices. Written and performed entirely by Kid Koala a.k.a. Eric San on an array of synthesizers, including the trove of rare instruments at Calgary’s National Music Centre, Music To Draw To: Io reveals layer-by-layer what Whitley describes as “the bottomless depth of Kid Koala as a thinker, creator, and artist, with the incredible ability to invent new artistic dimensions, and fill them with uncanny characters.”

out 25 JAN 2019...

ThinkIndie is proud to announce the release of Metallica’s Helping Hands…Live & Acoustic at The Masonic! This Limited Edition Vinyl Release of the band’s benefit concert will be released February 1, 2019 at Independent Retailers Worldwide. The double album documents the inaugural Helping Hands Benefit Concert held in San Francisco on November 3rd of 2018. Proceeds from the album will go toward the band’s charity, All Within My Hands Foundation, whose mission is to fight hunger and to assist in creating sustainable communities through workforce education.

out 1 FEB 2019...

Hundred Million Suns reissue featuring "Take Back The City," and "Crack The Shutters."

out 18 JAN 2019...

SNOW PATROL-Eyes Open (Black Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set SNOW PATROL-Fallen Empires (Black Edition Vinyl) 2-LP Set SNOW PATROL-Final Straw (Black Edition Vinyl) LP

Snow Patrol's breakthrough album, and best selling album in the UK for the year 2006! Now pressed on 2 LP wax!

out 18 JAN 2019...

Snow Patrol's 2012 album, now available on vinyl!

out 18 JAN 2019...

Snow Patrol's Final Straw is the album that brought the band into the mainstream. Now available on vinyl!

out 18 JAN 2019...

the Nathaniel Russell TOGETHER benefit tote pack YOUNG THE GIANT - Mirror Master (Black Edition Vinyl) LP

We are pleased and proud to offer the limited-edition NATHANIEL RUSSELL 'TOGETHER' benefit tote pack!

This limited-edition package includes:
-"TOGETHER" 100% cotton tote bag (measuring 14"x15"), printed by Crystal Graphics
-"TOGETHER" and "RESIST FEAR ASSIST LOVE" matte-finish, die-cut vinyl stickers
-"RESIST FEAR ASSIST LOVE" postcard (measuring 8"x5"), printed by Cat Head Press
-"RESIST FEAR ASSIST LOVE" button, produced by Busy Beave r Button Co.

From Nat:
"Two years ago, I made the "RESIST FEAR ASSIST LOVE" image--the day after the president was elected. It quickly spread across the world and was made available for free to anybody who wanted it. Soon after, the demand for a t-shirt of the image was so great that we (myself and my friends LUNA music and Crystal Graphics) made two runs of shirts and were able to raise thousands of dollars--with 100% of the profits going to local and national organizations (The Julian Center and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky). It was a good feeling to contribute in a positive and practical way to those organizations in a time filled with so much hopelessness and sadness.

It has been incredible to see that image appear in business windows, private homes, protest signs, and stickers all over the planet. The image was made to share, and it seems to endure. I was recently asked to create a print for another fundraiser for detained immigrant children. I made "TOGETHER" (with my friends at Bloom Screen Printing in Oakland) and was able to raise some more funds for an assisting legal organization. This new print seemed to match the spirit of the "RESIST FEAR ASSIST LOVE" image, and I began to talk with Todd Robinson of LUNA music about how we could do another fundraising project that paired the two.

The result of that conversation was to continue to make these physical objects--as a way to spread a message of kindness, hope, and love. Our hope is that we can send a spirit of we-are-in-this-together-ness into the world, while raising funds for organizations that do the real, hard work of community support and involvement. Every time we put up a sticker, wear a button, show off a tote bag, or put a postcard in our window, there is the chance that somebody will see it, and it will resonate with them, and they will carry that image and feeling with them the rest of the day--or week--or month or year.

Just like the previous projects, 100% of the funds raised (after material costs) will be donated to love-assisting agencies. This year, donations will be split between two Indianapolis organizations: The Julian Center (an organization that supports victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises) and the FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic.

None of this would be possible without the support and hard work of LUNA music, Crystal Graphics, Cat Head Press, and Busy Beaver Button Co.--who have all generously donated time and materials to the creation and distribution of this project. Their support and hard work has made this entire project possible."

>To maximize the $$$ donated, we will be printing the bags to order ( PRE-ORDER BEGINS MONDAY, 01 OCTOBER 2018 AND WILL CLOSE ON SUNDAY 07 OCTOBER 2018)--please order the quantity you'd like, as this might be your only chance!



Mirror Master is the latest album from Young The Giant. Now on wax!

out 07 DEC 2018...