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ANGEL OLSEN - Phases (Olive Green Vinyl Edition) LP BECK - Colors (Deluxe 180 GRAM Vinyl Edition) 2LP BECK - Modern Guilt (180 GRAM Vinyl) LP

Phases is a collection of Olsen’s work culled from the past several years, including a number of never-before-released tracks. “Fly On Your Wall,” previously contributed to the Bandcamp-only, anti-Trump fundraiser Our First 100 Days, opens Phases, before seamlessly slipping into “Special,” a brand new song from the MY WOMAN recording sessions. Both “How Many Disasters” and “Sans” are first-time listens: home-recorded demos that have never been released, leaning heavily on Olsen’s arresting croon and lonesome guitar.

The b-sides compilation is both a testament to Olsen’s enormous musical range and a tidy compilation of tracks that have previously been elusive in one way or another. Balancing tenacity and tenderness, Phases acts as a deep-dive for longtime fans, as well as a fitting introduction to Olsen’s sprawling sonics for the uninitiated.

out 10 NOV 2017...

"Colors" is the latest LP from 6-time Grammy winning artist Beck, 3 years after the critically acclaimed "Morning Phase!"

The deluxe vinyl edition features; custom artwork, a 24 page booklet, and two 180 gram discs pressed at 45RPM.

out 13 OCT 2017...

Modern Guilt is the eighth official studio album and eleventh overall by American alternative artist Beck. Modern Guilt features two contributions by Cat Power[2] and was produced by Beck and Danger Mouse. Released in July of 2008 and featuring the singles “Chemtrails”, Gamma Ray”, and “Youthless”. Long out of print and repressed on vinyl.

out 27 OCT 2017...

BECK - Mutations (Black Vinyl W/ Bonus 7") LP DESTROYER - ken (Yellow Vinyl Edition) LP DESTROYER - ken (Yellow Vinyl Edition W/ Bonus 7") LP

Mutations is the third official studio album and sixth overall by American alternative rock artist Beck, released in 1998. Mutations established Beck as an eclectic and innovative artist for his sample-free mixture of far- ranging musical genres, including folk rock, bossa nova, psychedelia, country, and blues. The album won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. Long out of print, and repressed on LP + 7”.

out 27 OCT 2017...

New Destroyer LP 'ken" out on Merge! Pressed on yellow vinyl!

out 20 OCT 2017...

New Destroyer LP 'ken" out on Merge! This version pressed on yellow vinyl and includes a bonus 7" featuring acoustic versions of two album tracks; "Stay Lost" and "A Light Travels Down The Catwalk"

out 20 OCT 2017...

ESCAPE-ISM - Introduction to ESCAPE-ISM (Indie Exclusive White Vinyl Edition) LP HOLLIE COOK - Vessel Of Love (Indie Exclusive Transparent Pink Vinyl Edition) LP JULIEN BAKER - Turn Out The Lights (Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl Edition) LP

Introduction to ESCAPE-ISM is the 1st “solo” record by Ian Svenonius—of groups The Make-Up, Chain & the Gang, XYZ, Weird War, etc. and author of underground bestsellers such as The Psychic Soviet, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ’n’ Roll Group, and Censorship Now!!---and by "solo," we mean this is a one man performance. All done by Ian Svenonius with a drum box, a guitar, a cassette player, and a single slobbering, sinful voice.

This indie exclusive white vinyl is limited to only 250 copies!

out 10 NOV 2017...

Former The Slits member Hollie Cook makes her debut on Merge with the all new LP Vessel of Love! This indie exclusive vinyl is pressed on transparent pink, which includes a diecut inner sleeve and is limited to only 1,500 copies worldwide!

Includes download code.

out 26 JAN 2018...

Julien Baker’s solo debut, Sprained Ankle, was one of the most widely hailed works of 2015. Recorded by an 18-year-old and her friend in only a few days the album appeared on year-end lists everywhere from NPR Music to New York Magazine’s Vulture. With Turn Out the Lights, Julien Baker returns to a bigger stage, but with the same core of breathtaking vulnerability and resilience.
From its opening moments — when her chiming, evocative melody is accompanied by swells of strings — Turn Out the Lights throws open the doors to the world without sacrificing the intimacy that has become a hallmark of her songs.The album was recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in her hometown of Memphis, TN, and mixed by Craig Silvey (The National, Arcade Fire). This evolution from ‘Sprained Ankle’s intentionally spare production allows Baker — who is still the album’s sole producer and writer — greater scope and freedom. Strings and woodwinds now shade the corners of her compositions, and Baker takes to piano rather than guitar on several tracks, pushing the 21-year-olds work to cinematic heights of intensity.

out 27 OCT 2017...

KING GIZZARD W/ MILD HIGH CLUB - Sketches of Brunswick East (180 GRAM Black Vinyl Edition) LP MORRISSEY - Low In High School (Clear Vinyl Edition) LP NATHANIEL RUSSELL - "Fliers" Poster Book

The next entry in King GIzzard's five LP lineup for 2017 is a collab album featuring Mild High Club! This is definitely an interesting team up sure to deliver interesting results.

For those who pre order, you will receive a limited 11x17 litho and blue gator sticker along with your LP! I wouldn't miss out on those if I were you.

1. Sketches Of Brunswick East I
2. Countdown
3. D-Day
4. Tezeta
5. Cranes, Planes, Migraines
6. The Spider And Me
7. Sketches Of Brunswick East II
8. Dusk To Dawn On Lygon Street
9. The Book
10. A Journey To (S)hell
11. Rolling Stoned
12. You Can Be Your Silhouette
13. Sketches Of Brunswick East III

out 13 OCT 2017...

LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL will be Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and his debut for BMG. The album will see BMG partnering with Morrissey on the new release and on the launch of his new label, Etienne Records. LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to
name a few).
Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.

Pressed on clear vinyl.

out 17 NOV 2017...

This collection of viral fake fliers is at once strange, thought-provoking, and hilarious. Printed on heavy, cardstock-like paper, these 20 "fake" fliers both celebrate and embody surreal posters. As a bonus feature, the sturdy paperback comes with a french-fold jacket that, when removed, opens up to reveal a larger poster.
There is something in this collection for everyone who ever looked at a postered telephone pole or coffee house bulletin board and wondered "is there more out there?"
out 07 OCT 2017...

SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS - Soul of a Woman (Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition) LP SPOON - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga + Get Nice! EP (Black Vinyl Edition) 2LP ST. VINCENT - MASSEDUCTION ( DELUXE Pink Vinyl Edition W/ Poster and Booklet) LP

A year after Sharon Jone's unfortunate passing last year, her final studio recorded album makes its way to you..

This indie exclusive version is pressed on red vinyl and will be a welcome addition to your record collection.

out 27 NOV 2017...

Remastered by Howie Weinberg, the 10th anniversary 2-LP edition of Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga features the studio album on one LP and the 12-track Get Nice! EP—previously available only as a bonus CD—on the other. Both are pressed on 180- gram vinyl packaged in a gatefold jacket with updated art.
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was recorded throughout 2006 in Austin, TX, by the band and Mike McCarthy (except “The Underdog” which was recorded in Los Angeles with Jon Brion). Upon release, critics and listeners alike praised the record, which subsequently received Best New Music status from Pitchfork and cracked the top 10 of Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2007.

out 20 OCT 2017...

MASSEDUCTION (pronounced "mass seduction") is the all new LP by St. Vincent! The deluxe version includes a 24" poster, 28 pg booklet, opaque pink vinyl with a clear PVC jacket to protect it all!

out 13 OCT 2017...

ST. VINCENT - MASSEDUCTION ( Opaque Pink Vinyl Edition W/ Poster) LP WEEZER - Pacific Daydream (Indie Exclusive Red W/ Black Splatter Vinyl Edition) LP YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Fever To Tell (180 GRAM Vinyl) LP

MASSEDUCTION (pronounced "mass seduction") is the all new LP by St. Vincent! Pressed on opaque pink vinyl and includes a 24" poster!

out 13 OCT 2017...

Weezer at it again after last years "White Album!" Indie exclusive pressed on red vinyl with black splatter and includes a download code! Don't miss another great one by one of your all-time fav rock bands!

out 27 OCT 2017...

Fever to Tell is the debut studio album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, released on April 29, 2003 by Interscope Records. It was produced by David Andrew Sitek and features the singles, Date with the Night, Pin, Maps, and Y Control. The original album is newly remastered by Stephen Marcussen on black 180g audiophile vinyl for the first time and featuring five newspaper lyric posters with exclusive photos by Nick Zinner, Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs, Julian Gross, Patrick Daughters and Cintamani Calise.

out 20 OCT 2017...