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Jake Scott - Lavender - VINYL LP
Jake Scott - Lavender - VINYL LP

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Platinum pop singer-songwriter Jake Scott has announced plans for his anticipated debut album Lavender, arriving October 20, 2023 via Elektra Records. To celebrate the announcement, Jake has shared his endearing new single “Come Close.”

About the single, Jake commented, “Come Close is about the crucial nature of vulnerability in a relationship. It’s the antidote for apathy. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It’s also terrifying. Real vulnerability is so so difficult for me. This song is about me realizing I have to let my wife see every single part of me - the good, the bad and the ugly…otherwise we’ll never come close to what we could be.”

Jake initially built the song around sparse, yet evocative piano. As the momentum picks up, a delicate guitar melody practically melts into the embrace of a warm beat. Meanwhile, he delivers a message straight-from-the-heart in plainspoken and poignant fashion. During the hummable hook, he promises, “I love you, and I mean it, so could you come close?”

Such intimacy defines Lavender as a whole. Jake assembled much of the album in his home studio, cowriting alongside various trusted collaborators and handling production on the majority of the tracks himself. Now, the record channels blissful nostalgia, tender memories, and all kinds of truths for Jake. For as much as he continued to define his sound on Lavender, he also got a little closer to understanding who he is.

“In a lot of ways, making this album was a process of self-discovery,” he added. ”It was my first time sitting down to make an entire body of work. So, I kept asking myself, ‘What do I want to say?’ Over the course of making the record, there was a lot of growing—personally and artistically. The last two years were some of the hardest and best of my life. That bled over to my music. To me, Lavender is an authentic body of work that’s honest to the stories I’ve experienced and am currently living. I’m really proud of it.”

He initially paved the way for the album with “Married Young” and “Good Day,” generating millions of streams and building up buzz. He delivered a showstopping performance of “Married Young” on KTLA, while he graced the stage of TODAY with “Good Day.”

OUT 20 OCTOBER 2023...

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