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John Rocca - Reflections Of The Sun (Pink Vinyl) - VINYL LP
John Rocca - Reflections Of The Sun (Pink Vinyl) - VINYL LP

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'Reflections of the Sun' is a collection of new music that sees JOHN ROCCA experiment with a more laid back side to his musical personality. John is best known in Jazz Funk circles for his 1980s self-funded, self-produced and self-released Brit Funk classic 'Southern Freeez', and as the band Freeez's founder.

'The melancholic suburban soul of 'Southern Freeez' never gets tired for me... an album that has remained at the top of my Brit Funk pile!' - GILLES PETERSON Much of the album is also somewhat reflective. A personal and emotional reflection on John's life - the tracks a nod to John's varied musical pasts. Sounds, a pondering upon his collection of global influences and his life experiences over the years; Genre, the pulse of today, societal, musical or otherwise - but not easy to place as is John's character; Lyrics, the present dilemmas we face as humanity, whilst reflecting on our own private and deepest human feelings, of life and, of love in all it's wonderous forms. Musically, the 'Reflections of the Sun' album casts a glimpse back to Rocca's Brit Funk roots growing up amongst 1970s classic Jazz Funk and Soul, while also blending inspiration from his 1980-90s electronic influences topped off with everything else he has seen and heard on his life travels since then. Giving a nod to John's own past while bringing 'Reflections of the Sun' up to date was completed by adding elements of London's resurgent and vibrant jazz scene. Not so different from John's own early days jamming with Freeez, he is accompanied on all the album's tracks by his two young nephews and highly respected jazz musicians, Benjamin Rocca on keyboards and Joel Rocca on Saxophone. The two youngsters are known on the current London Jazz scene as the Rocca Brothers. The album's title track, 'Reflections of the Sun' refers to how humanity, gorging on the sunshine that brings life to everything, also has a tendency to reflect the hellishness of the sun itself.; comparing our self-destructive nature with our planet's volumes of unending beauty. Initial support for various tracks has come via radio plays on UK stations such as JazzFM, Jazz Funk & Soul Radio (JFSR), Soul Groove Radio and Solar (amongst others). Tracklisting: A1. Angel A2. Close Your Eyes (take the ride) A3. Dream, Love B1. Reflections of the Sun B2. I've Known Love (the feeling of love) B3. Open Spaces, Open Minds

OUT 2 JUNE 2023...

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