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Raphael Toine - Ce Ta Ou/Sud Africa - VINYL LP
Raphael Toine - Ce Ta Ou/Sud Africa - VINYL LP

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2020 repress. Glossy Mistakes present a reissue of Raphäel Toiné's Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution, originally released in 1986. Imagine standing on an empty room. Nothing seems to be moving. There is not a single noise there. Just a wooden door. You it and you find a space full of color, movement. You can see a few bodies swaying. You can hear clearly a melody. A beautiful vocal. Several palm trees arise. You find yourself in the middle of one of the most beautiful paradises on earth, Martinique Island. What you are hearing is Raphäel Toiné's Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution, one of the most gorgeous Zouk albums ever made. Funk arrangements, fat bass, and crazy synths all melt together in a record that transports the dancer to a remote piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean. This rare Afro-boogie and Zouk synth funky LP was recorded in Switzerland in 1986 by this incredible artist that knew how to condense the vibe and lifestyle of a region in a piece of black gold. "Dread Vibrations" or "Sortilège", two of the seven cuts that compose this work are both ready to delight a listener on the prettiest sun rise as well as make dancers drool at the end of a three-day festival. "Femmes Pays Douces" is an impressive exercise where vocals decorate a melodic instrumentation that could be listened in loop forever. "Bizness A Bangkok" is a synth and jazzy masterpiece that captures the '80s pure essence and brings peace to the body and mind. Glossy Mistakes unleashes its second release reissuing this highly demanded piece of music that really deserves to reach an audience that can appreciate this ode to the Caribbean islands. Let yourself loose and embrace the essence of the '80s Raphäel Toiné sounds with a fresh coconut in your hands. Remastered by Wouter Brandenburg.

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