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Sarah Mary Chadwick - Messages To God (Clear Pink Vinyl) - VINYL LP
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Messages To God (Clear Pink Vinyl) - VINYL LP

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New Zealand born, Melbourne-based Sarah Mary Chadwick has announced her eighth studio record Messages to God due out September 15 on Kill Rock Stars and executive produced by award winning producer, Tony Epsie (oracle to The Avalanches). Composed of broad, brightly coloured spiritual strokes, it consists of dramatic retellings of having your heart broken, existing, movement and growth while always meditating on the past. While her three most recent records were drenched in grief, the new collection signals a change; whether profound or momentary, time will tell. Messages to God is a beautifully realized record. It's not happy but it is funny and optimistic. It is melodramatic, self-serving and generous. Sometimes, from way back in the shitty seats of the theater, you're at your closest to god. That's what this record is like, finding beauty in everyday occurrences. Because it's there. You just gotta look really hard sometimes. And as Chadwick provides, "Because every day's just one more day / trying to write messages to god'. A1. Don't Tell Me I'm a Good Friend A2. I Felt Things In New Zealand A3. Angry and Violent A4. Drinkin' on a Tuesday A5. Shitty Town B1. Sometimes I Just Wanna Feel Bad B2. Someone Else's Baby B3. Only Bad Memories Last B4. C'mon Stud B5. Looked Just Like Jesus

OUT 29 SEPTEMBER 2023...

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