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Smoke Bellow - Open For Business (Gold Vinyl LP) - VINYL LP
Smoke Bellow - Open For Business (Gold Vinyl LP) - VINYL LP

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Transcontinental, experimental duo Smoke Bellow have been at it since 2012, relocating from Australia to Baltimore, MD & back again and then BACK AGAIN(now firmly settled in Baltimore). The duo released the “Blooming/Middling” LP in2014, followed by “Isolation 3000” in 2018 (both on Baltimore label Ehse Records) After a line-up shuffle, they eventually recruited one of their favorite drummers and dear friend, Emmanuel Nicolaidis (Thank You, Oh Hang). which found the duo refining of their sound into a dizzyingly attractive mixture of kosmiche serenity, minimalist composition, test-card psychedelia, and highlife guitar.

Out 17 SEPTEMBER 2021...

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