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the LUNA music vinyl LP three month subscription service
the LUNA music vinyl LP three month subscription service

LUNA price: $88.00



Like surprises?

Like getting physical, delivered-by-Reba-The-Mail-Lady, mail?

Want someone to pan through all that ore to help find a nugget?

Want someone just to drop some science on your doorstep and not come in?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, this might just be for you: the LUNA music subscription service!

Six months of lovingly selected titles that might just be a snapshot of what is happening right now or could just be the new next. or, it could be your new favorite find.

Either way, be assured that these titles are considered LUNA essentials, and we wouldn't be without 'em!

Subscribe today and let us begin to light up your doorstep (and load up your mail carrier) every 30 days or so (and once a year we are going to send along an additional treat—so please supply us with your shirt size)!

PLEASE NOTE: Your card will be charged, once, at the time of purchase—then, we will begin to ship your subscription titles—beginning that month! You can join anytime!!!

Gosh, that feels super nice...

...and if you are not completely happy with the subscription service—we will be more than happy to discuss a partial refund! Now that folks, is just plain, good sense...