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Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky (Forest Green Vinyl) - VINYL LP
Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky (Forest Green Vinyl) - VINYL LP

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When Porridge Radio's Dana Margolin, one of the most vital new voices in rock, began to consider the themes of their new album, three vivid words emerged: joy, fear and endlessness. She had called the band's third full-length, Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky, an image that's partly inspired by a collage by the surrealist artist Eileen Agar, and evokes the ducks and dives, slippery slopes and existential angst of life. But Dana was also drawn to the story of Jacob's Ladder from the Old Testament which, "symbolises the ups and downs of human life, of virtue and sin," she explains. This idea that no one emotional state is binary came like a lightning bolt. "Within this album the feelings of joy, fear and endlessness coexist together," says Dana. That mix of emotions has defined Porridge Radio's past two years to say the least. It's a strange sensation, becoming a breakthrough band who are breathlessly championed by every major music site, without being able to experience any of it in the real world. When they released their 2020 album Every Bad, they were about to fly to South By Southwest, support Car Seat Headrest across the States, and then tear up the festival circuit back home. But it was all cancelled due to the pandemic. In spite of that, they've managed to become one of the UK's most thrilling acts, from DIY darlings to a Mercury-nominated tour de force in the space of less than a year. Perhaps that's because their barbed wit, lacerating intensity and potent blend of art-rock, indie-pop and post-punk sounds like little else around.

Out 20 MAY 2022...

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